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We specialize in CAD (Computer Aided Design) and Rapid Prototyping.. With our help you will get fine detailed output specific to Jewelry, Fashion Accessories, Watch, Giftware, Tabletop  and Advertising-Specialty Industries. We also have the ability to output with CAM ( computer-aided manufacturing) and 3D Scanning. CAD  can bring your product to market faster, and the acceptance of the product will be quicker. CAD will reduce your production cost. Meanwhile it will increase Your sales by delivering products that meet your customer wants and needs   All designs are confidential and we will be happy to sign your non-disclosure agreement

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  1. With us you can create any kind of custom jewelry design that impossible other way like hand carving. Engraving your name, signature, ornaments even fingerprints on piece of jewelry or with our 3D scanners we will scan any object such us wood carving and use it as part of design.
  2. Get the Picture (Rendering) of the Jewelry piece before making it.  In most cases after seeing the finished piece of jewelry then you realize some changes. With us you can do any kind of changes without losing time or money which will happen using hand carving or other ways.
  3.  We will estimate an approximate weight of the metal and stones during of the designing process.
  4. You will get the 3D file and use it any time for any other purposes such as animation for your website, catalog or remaking in the future which is also impossible by hand carving or other ways.

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